Find out how Greg got started with all of these projects from his own point of view.

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Have Greg come talk at your next event about how to build the city you want to live in.

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Look and see what Greg has been helping out with in and outside of Fargo.

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Greg Tehven wants to help people build their town into the community they want to live in. There are three aspects that are focused on to achieve this goal. He knows they work, because he uses them in his community called Fargo.

Educate your city. There are many different kinds of people in each community with ideas, but they are not regularly talked about with the right people. By creating events like 1 Million Cups entrepreneurs are able to present their ideas to their communities every week.

Infuse the arts. Many people stay within their own groups, but this can cause progress to become stagnate. By bringing in different types creatives to show their interests they are able to collaborate with new people.

Build on your bright spots. Every community has something that sets them apart from the rest. By growing those strengths there are many other branches that might sprout. These are focal points that can guide you towards building the community you want to live in.